Alexandre Moreno

Software Engineer


Computer software professional currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. My professional experience revolves around the design of embedded systems for applications ranging from security products to media players, with extensive experience in the Linux ecosystem.

Working on embedded software has allowed me to gain experience across the entire software stack, from device drivers to network servers to UI design using a wide variety of technologies. After college I worked for a while on FPGA design, where I particualrly enjoyed functional verification.

I hold an engineer's degree in Electronics with Distinction from The Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Currently I work for a tech company developing network video products, where I am responsible for providing technical leadership in different areas.

Work Experience

Seenergy Corp. Taipei (Taiwan)

Software Engineer

Software development of multi-channel video applications for security and surveillance products
First project was a low-end network video recorder. Initially responsible for porting device drivers, but after I also contributed to other parts, like i18n, release management, and overall performance optimization.
Currently I am the lead developer of the user interface for a network video player, capable of decoding 32 video channels
After a few months I realized the build system could be much improved, and I decided to do so, by automating most parts. All other teams use my contribution to the build system.
Additionally I lead the design of a new IPC middelware using D-Bus, backbone for all software modules of our systems

Giesecke & Devrient Barcelona Area (Spain)

Software Engineer

Worked at G&D mobile division on the development of conformant Java Card products.
As a member of the OS team developed/ported system software for/to secure MCUs—mainly ARM SecurCore's.
Contributed to the SCWS (Smart Card Web Server) project. Responsible for the implementation of an API for Java servlet (extensions) development.
Spent some time working on cryptography: hash algorithms, key exchange algorithms (Diffie-Hellman) and a bignum arithmetic library.

During my time at Giesecke had the opportunity to work in a multi-site team, while learning about security and cryptography.

Indra Barcelona (Spain)

Firmware Engineer

Worked in the Space Communications divison developing a satellite modem for military use.
Developed, ported and integrated Linux device drivers and applications into an ARM applications processor (AP).
Modeled and implemented high-speed digital communications circuits on FPGA—DUC/DDC Conversion for CDMA.
Board-level debugging and testing of the modem, including RF.

An entire year of hard work on digital signal processing culminated in my master's thesis.

Working across teams at my own initiative, helped me gain insight into design tradeoffs in HW/SW codesign.


Autonomous University of Barcelona

MEng, Electrical Engineering, 2008 - 2010 (Granted Highest Average Score Award)

Barcelona Tech

BEng, Electrical Engineering, 2003 - 2007


shell scripting
Frameworks & API
GNU build tools

Hobbies & Interests